Central Park New York Aug. 21 1972

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. Production: BLACK DOG RECORDS, BD 004

. Date of Release: 1993

. State: Luxemburg

. Matrix: VTCD BD 004

. Tracklist:

1. Tightope Ride
2. In The Eye Of The Sun
3. The Mosquito
4. Love Me Two Times
5. Verdillac (cover says: "Jam")
6. I'm Horny, I'm Stoned
7. Ship With Sails
8. Ship With Sails [cont.] (cover says: "Jam Extended Ships")
9. Good Rockin' Tonight
10. Light My Fire
11. Close To You

. Place/date of recording:

"Wollman Memorial Rink [Schaefer Music Festival]" - Central Park in New York, NY (Usa)
Monday August 21th 1972

. Info: Attention: This is the very first bootleg ever to feature a complete post-Morrison concert




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