. Worldwide Official 45 rpm Discography from 1967 to 1973 

The Doors, in their short but intense career, published in the USA about ten singles. You can find their titles together with the relating number of catalogue in the last pages of any book dedicated to them. The story becomes complicated in case a collector decides to get together extended play records of different editions edited in the whole world. Except for the book by Rainer Moddemann, there’s no source to draw on for information. This is the reason why, after a long research period, the First Flash Of Eden staff is proud to introduce you on line the first WORLD SINGLES DISCOGRAPHY from 1967 to 1973 by the Doors, complete with catalogue numbers, years of printing and, where it’s possible, the pictures of the record sleeves. 45 rpm., also called 7 inches, are divided into 2 categories: PICTURE SLEEVES(PS) that’s to say those with the pictured record sleeve in black and white and the COMPANY SLEEVES: or rather those contained in a little paper envelope with a central hole and the symbol of the record company. The PS had been published almost only in Europe and in Japan, apart from rare exception, like the four in the USA and the rarest south african “tell all the people”. England, even if printed many singles, is the only European Country which has some of these rare exceptions and after 1973 some records with the picture sleeve; most of the singles have, in fact, came out with a simple white envelope or, in some infrequent case, with a company sleeve. It’s interesting to remark that the countries of spanish and portugese languages carry the titles of the songs in two versions, the original in English and their own, so for example “Roadhouse blues” becomes “Blues de la hostaria” and “Peace frog” turns into “La ranita pacifica”. The most beautiful and well kept record sleeves are, as usual, the Japanese ones which are made of a yellow envelope containig the 45 rpm. together with a loose sheet with the picture of the record sleeve on the front while on the back there are the textes of the songs translated into Japanese. Some Philippine singles are really attractive because they have songs that don’t appear in any other 7 inches printed in other country. Of course we don’t have the nerve to believe we created a complete work, but we feel it’s a good start. We invite and thank in advance, all the people who’ll send us news or picture regarding singles not listed in this discography. A special thanks to Patrick Houssin, Gilles Yepremian, Heinz Gerstenmeyer, Arthur Helbers and Sandrine Torrelli for their important help.

compiled by Roberto Colonna

. American 45 rpm Discography

. Argentine 45 rpm Discography

. Australian 45 rpm Discography

. Belgian 45 rpm Discography

. Brazilian 45 rpm Discography

. Canadian 45 rpm Discography

. Danish 45 rpm Discography

. English 45 rpm Discography

. French 45 rpm Discography

. German 45 rpm Discography

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. Holland 45 rpm Discography

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. Italian 45 rpm Discography

. Japanese 45 rpm Discography

. Libanese 45 rpm Discography

. Malay 45 rpm Discography

. Mexican 45 rpm Discography

. New Zealand 45 rpm Dscography

. Peruvian 45 rpm Dscography

. Philippine 45 rpm Discography

. Portuguese 45 rpm Discography

. Spanish 45 rpm Discography

. South African 45 rpm Discography

. Swedish 45 rpm Discography

. Thai 45 rpm Discography

. Turkish 45 rpm Discography




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