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We’re introducing the world discography dedicated to the Doors’ Extended Plays. In case somebody doesn’t know, E.P. are seven inches format records completely similar to the common 45 ones, their only difference is that they contain 3 or 4 songs instead of the usual 2. In the sixties they were very fashionable especially in France where they were printed more than in any other country and still in great demand by collectors from the whole world. The Doors’ rarest and most expensive E.P. is certainly the one printed in Iran in 2 different editions. The israeli “touch me” is very uncommon since there’s written the name of the record company in a wrong way: ELECTRA instead of ELEKTRA. There’s no doubt the Japanese ones are the most beautiful in which the record sleeves can often be open and the OBI (the little paper stripe with Japanese writings) are also available here. The Mexican ones are more common and easier to trace, even if it’s really hard to find them in good conditions because of the bad quality of the used vinyl. Coming to an end we would like to remind you that E.P. used to be printed in a very small number in comparison to the traditional singles, and this explains their rareness.

compiled by Roberto Colonna

. Argentine Ep discography

. Australian Ep discography

. Brazilian Ep discography

. French Ep discography

. Japanese Ep discography

. English Ep discography

. Iranian Ep discography

. Israeliana Ep discography

. Mexican Ep discography

. New Zealand Ep discography

. Portuguese Ep discography

. Thai Ep discography




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