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Welcome to First Flash of Eden - the site of the Doors Italian Fan Club. The Staff is made up mainly of major Italian and European collectors, and their idea is to be able to offer every sort of news item to all Doors’ fans both in Italy and worldwide. The site, which has been built by experts in this sector, is divided into different sections - each one dealing with a specific subject : discography, news, rarities, sound recordings, interviews and other items connected with the Doors. The site is not only intended for collectors - it also wishes to be a means of contact and information between fans. It isn’t our intention to speak about the Doors merely as a group - what in fact we wish to do is to examine and present all material that is in any way correlated with the group - poetry, literature, art and cinematography.

It would be very limiting to consider the Doors as one of the many music groups that the contemporary music scene has witnessed - they are much more than that. The Doors are contemporary representatives of that vision of reality embraced by all the most important poets from Dante to the actual Beat Generation. The visionary poetry of Dante, Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Baudelaire, Mallarmè and from Whitman to Huxley has its natural consequence in the poetry written by the Doors.

This then is the idea behind our site: not only to talk about the music, lyrics, works published by the group, but also to give justice to James Douglas Morrison who, as far as we are concerned, is one of the greatest modern poets. How often have we read those delirious, but definitely lucrative, descriptions of Jim Morrison as a representative par excellence of the world of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll? Even Oliver Stone when he had the opportunity didn’t veer from this wild and cruel market reality.

We want you to feel that this site belongs to all those who love the Doors . We are open to any suggestions or ideas for improving this site and, given the immense amount of work that keeping a site up to date can involve, we will be more than happy to accept any offers of help and cooperation from fans.



Last but not least we would like to thank the following friends and foreign co-workers for their “predatory conservation of the culture of Jim Morrison" - for their patience in unearthing and collecting day by day every fragment and possible document: Fred Baggen, Christophe Beaume, Imelda Bogaard, Michelle Campbell, Marina Caporossi, Roberto Colonna, Jim Coke, Cal Deal, Maria Sole De Pauli, Patricia Devaux, Cees Driehuis, Paolo Facen, Paul Ferrara, Fulvio Fiore, Michelangelo Giampaoli, Arthur Helbers, Patrick Houssin, the President of the Doors Collectors Magazine-Kerry Humpherys, Nicolas Lejeune, Patricia Lopez, Michele Lozupone, Jochen Maaßen, Ida Miller, Jean-Philippe Pautot, Darryl Read, Tony and Katia Romanazzi, Greg Shaw, Giuseppe Sterparelli and Simona Vannini. Our special thanks go to Frank Lisciandro and Gilles Yepremian who proudly proclaim their personal friendship with Jim Morrison.

Our greetings also go to our friends at the official site and obviously to Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore - THE DOORS.



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