Stage Announcer / Who Do You Love

testi da "Absolutely Live"


"Alright, wait a second!
We got a really long show, got a hell of a show for you, a beautiful thing!"

"Alright now, look, look, we’ve seen a lot of things
happen in this city, everything is turned around, everything
is beautiful. Nobody thought we’d be able to bring the Doors
here, and we did.
So, we got a couple of...wait a second, man...look, we just
got a couple of little things we're gotta tell...tell you about.

The firemarshal is not gonna let the show go on, and I’ve
Just had a long meeting with him and, man, this...this is no joke:
you either got to sit down, and you got to go back

to your seats, you gotta make aisles, or that’s it, man!"

"You’ve gotta move back!
Hey look! Hey look!
Wait a second! Hold on!
Let’s have a little help, man!
Come on, everybody go back to their seats!
People are gonna get hurt up here, and they’re gonna pass out,
and we don’t want it, man, and the Doors don’t want it either!"

ladies and gentlemen... ...the Doors!
(well, hold it, we gotta tune up!)

Hey Philadelphia!
Do you feel alright!

Yeeeeeah! Yeeeeeah!
Yeeeeeah! Yeeeeeah!
I walk-a forty-seven miles of barbed wire
Cobra snake a-for a necktie
Brandnew house a-by the roadside
Made from rattlesnake hide
Brandnew chimney made on top
Made outa human skull
Come on, baby, take a walk with me
Tell me who do you love

Who do you love now?
Who do you love now?
Who do you love, babe?
I said, who now, who do you love?
Tombstone head on a graveyard mind
Just twenty-two and I don’t mind dying
Rode her outa town, use a rattle’nake whip
Come on, baby, don’t give me no lip
Who do you love now?
Who do you love?
Who do you love, child?
I said, who baby, who do you love?
Night is dark, the sky was blue
Down the alley the ice-wagon flew
Hit a bump, somebody screamed
You should’ve heard a-just what I seen
Do you love him, baby?
Do you love her, yeah?
Do you love me, baby?
Do you love it, yeah?
Well, who baby, who do you love?
What do you love now, babe?
Love, love, love me, babe!
Love, love, love me, darling!



. Who Do You Love: Testo e musica di Elias McDaniel.




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