Unknown Soldiers

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. Production: SUGARCANE RECORDS, SC 52007

. Date Of Release: 1993

. State: Italy

. Matrix: VAT 7S503351SC52007

. Tracklist:

1. Back Door Man
2. Break On Through
3. When The Music's Over
4. Close To You
5. Manish Boy
6. Light My Fire
7. The Soft Parade

. Place/date of recording:

from 1. to 6.: "Winterland Arena" - San Francisco, CA (Usa), Tuesday December 26th 1967
back cover says "Live In Monterey, December 12th 1967"
which is not true
7.: "PBS Studios" - New York, NY (Usa), Monday April 28th 1969
back cover says "Live In New York City, PBS TV-Studios, May 23rd 1969" which is not true




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